Guided Surgery

CONSTANT INNOVATION: Increased precision and safety

AVINENT’s guided surgery system allows doctors to plan surgery by first taking into account the final result of the prosthesis. Based on the 3D recreation of the patient’s actual anatomy, obtained by superimposing a CT and STL-format scan (produced by CBCT and intraoral scanning), a specific software is used to plan the surgery and precisely determine the final position of the implants. This system is available for partially or totally edentulous cases.


The guided surgery system facilitates the task of dental professionals by providing safety and precision to interventions.

For Dental Professionals:

  • Technical support throughout the planning process
  • $425 flat fee for planning, guide and unlimited implant sites
  • Predictability of end result
  • Fewer appointments required

For the patient:

  • Reliable and accurate surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • More comfortable post-operative period
  • Optimum aesthetic result
  • Fewer appointments required


  • Surgical Guides - The system helps to design and obtain tooth- or mucosa-supported guides with medically approved materials for use in the mouth. It includes precise cylinders for guiding the position of the implant and windows to verify the placement in the mouth, with the possibility of adding supporting bars to make the guide more rigid. The system is available for completely guided assistance or merely pilot-hole guided surgery.
  • Drill kit - A set of specific guided-surgery drills with extra length to enable the surgical guide to be used and a new retention system for positioning the drill stops. The same surgical protocol used in traditional surgery is employed.
  • Drill stop kit - The new drill stops precisely determine the depth of the implant osteotomy planned in advance. Thanks to the intelligent system for fitting them, they are fixed in place with a single click.
  • Guide rings and handle kit - Titanium metal "spoons" of different diameters coordinated to the corresponding drill to be used in the drilling protocol.
  • Finally, a digitally generated "cheat sheet" provides a clear cut recipe for the step by step protocol for each implant site.