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“It literally was the last implant I purchased in my practice!  We place a good number of implants in our group and the partnership between our offices, the lab and Avinent has been seamless.  I am really happy with the AvinentSimplicity™ program and the savings it provides our patients and practice.”

Dr. Vic Kooner | Bayview Dental Clinic, Qualicum Beach, BC


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6 Hacks for Your Next All-On-Four

November 5th, 2018

It has been many years since Dr. Paulo Malo described his innovative method of treating the fully edentulous arch 1 known as All-on-Four TM. The ability to slant implants and the utility of immediate loading through fixed full arch implant restorations has reduced the time, cost and invasiveness involved in treating the edentulous arch. Based on the fast-growing body of research and the sheer number of patients now successfully treated,this treatment modality has gained acceptance with most clinicians involved in implant dentistry. Developments in methods, materials and components have improved predictability, decreased treatment time and reduced costs for patients. As with any technique - even those that have been around a long time - there are new approaches that help to improve the efficacy and efficiency. (Read More)


Conical Connection: The perfect addition to the Avinent OCEAN implant design

September 25th, 2018
Based on:  https://blog.avinent.com/es/conical-connection-el-aliado-perfecto-de-la-gama-ocean/


AVINENT Implant System is committed to the expanding and sharing of knowledge around the technical sector of dentistry, oral health, patient care, innovation, scientific studies, and clinical cases, in every way possible.

In its constant search for improvement in implant products, AVINENT Implant System has developed the Conical Connection, a new connection for the OCEAN implant design.  Designed to maximize the ability to work with soft tissues, this is the option of a digitally-based connection, which has become a perfect and versatile compliment to the OCEAN implant body and full array of the CAD/CAM prosthetic choices available for restoration.



The OCEAN CC is designed to address all types of clinical cases, including immediate loads, soft and healed bone, extraction sites and prosthetic restorations within a strict digital workflow. One of the great advances offered by this connection, with a conical angulation of 12º, is the flexibility and reliability offered by the prosthetic options.  In the words of Dr. Ricardo Medina, the OCEAN CC, "Assures you a perfect biological seal that avoids the bacterial leaks that can damage the peri-implant tissues."   

At the time of placing the implant, it also offers multiple advantages, as Dr. Haakon Kuit explains: "The self-tapping design of OCEAN makes the process of implant placement much easier," adding that “This is a system with a great primary stability.”  This opinion is reinforced by Dr. Enrique Carrera, who says that "When working with minimal bone volume or soft, spongy bone, stability is always very good.  This Conical Connection only makes it better."



One of the highlights of this new system is the new delivery. "The inside of the vial, as well as the insertion tools, are very useful and easy to use." explains Dutch doctor Haakon Kuit. This idea is shared by Dr. Medina, who explains some advantages he has seen with his experience: "The implant is anchored and stable inside a cylinder and there is no movement until you connect the implant driver." Dr. Julen Arocena adds that "The extraction of the implant from the vial is very smooth and I appreciate the same vial includes the cover screw, in a silicone base, that ensures a reliable connection and insertion.”  In conclusion, Dr. Fernando Ortiz says that "Not having to apply lateral forces to remove the implant from the vial avoids the risk of an accidental drop.”



Another of the important aspects of the OCEAN CC is the implant driver, which provides great benefits in the placement protocol of the implant.   Dr. Julen Arocena explains that “The connection of the driver with the implant, at the time of the surgery, gives you great stability and security.”  In the same way, Dr. Ortiz feels “The driver contributes to the sense of stability at the moment of lodging the implant in the alveolus.  You have a positive feel for the stability"  They also highlight the marks on the driver which indicate the gingival height, and allow the clinician to choose the ideal healing abutment for each case.



OCEAN CC offers different designs for achieving specific emergence profiles when using single or multiple implants. The first design sees the abutment fixated using the conical walls and an internal hexagon, while the second one sees the abutment sitting on prosthetic table on the neck of the implant.  “These designs are available to have a greater control in the conformation of the soft tissues, and must be selected based on each type of rehabilitation. The two designs are very useful." says Dr. Medina, who explains that in all the cases in which he has used this connection, the result has been exemplary at all levels: “The behavior of the bone has been resoundingly positive, since both its level and that of the gingiva has maintained its volume, without any type of recession.” Dr. Carrera states that "At the level of tissue, stability is fabulous; there is no movement."


Dr. Carrera summarizes the feeling of all the doctors in reference to the new CC by Avinent, “It’s great because you don’t lack any option: you have all of the accessories and options you need.  So far, the experience has been very positive.”


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Avinent Simplicity

September 7th, 2018
Membership has its rewards!  Introducing AvinentSimplicity™, the most unique offering in implant dentistry.


AVINENT Implant System is committed to the expanding and sharing of knowledge around the technical sector of dentistry, oral health, patient care, innovation, scientific studies, and clinical cases, in every way possible.

Dental implant use has grown substantially since 1999, and the prevalence among those missing at least one tooth could reach as high as 23% in 2026 in the U.S., according to a new study.  At the same time, access is still low and remains greater in certain groups for a variety of reasons.  While many considerations will influence the choice of method of treatment by patients considering available options for missing teeth, few will rank as high as anxiety or cost, with cost being the most commonly cited reason.

Anything that can be done to bring this treatment to more patients should be considered in a dental practice and supported by the dental industry.  With increased synergies experienced by implant manufacturers through merger/ acquisition, vertical integration or partnership, industry has substantial flexibility for downward movement on pricing in support of increasing patient treatment in those markets or demographics that need it most.

Avinent Canada, in their continued commitment to “fair pricing” in the implant market, have introduced a unique program called AvinentSimplicity™.  As part of a larger entity in the Aurum Group, Avinent is a core partner in the vertical integration of the group’s implant offering.  From the physical implant itself, to the customized prosthetic options, to the technical and restorative materials and options available, this value stack provides a unique flexibility in the market: the potential for dental implants at no charge.

“The concept is quite revolutionary” says General Manager, Craig Dewar.  “Our ability to partner at this level, with a group of laboratories covering the country from east to west, is unprecedented.  The program works as a membership where a dental office would purchase a small working inventory of implants in order to receive a discount on all the replacement implants they receive.  Conceivably, after that initial order many of these offices will never pay for another implant again.”

The program is elegant in its workflow and focuses on the restorative work which is being completed after surgery.  When working with a qualified laboratory, the final restoration is returned with a similar implant that was used, as a replacement.  Dependent on the membership level of the office, that implant could be returned at a 50%, 66% or 100% discount.  The system is fully automated to recognize member’s cases, status and preferences.  “The digital workflow on these cases is taking the guesswork out of both the surgical and restorative planning and execution.” says Dr. Fred Li of Vancouver.  

Mr. Dewar feels confident, “We have almost 100% adoption by our Avinent user base and have been shocked by the quick adoption of the program from users of other implant systems.  This is obviously something the market has been craving.   With our numerous continuing education programs running across the country, the graduates of our mentorships, bone grafting programs and guided surgery courses are seeing the benefit of working with our lab partners for both planning services and restorative options, in order to provide an even more attractive option to their patients.”

The partnership between labs and implant companies is fading across the board as implant companies find ways to maximize profit and eliminate the dental lab from a case.  Final crowns and abutments being fabricated without a human touch will never replace the artisanal craftsmanship of ceramist or the relationship between professionals.

For more information on AvinentSimplicity, contact Avinent Canada to meet with your local Practice Development Consultant